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You show your home, We’ll handle the paperwork
Dedicated Contract Experts on Your Side 7 Days A Week

All The Benefits, One Low Flat Rate.
Only Pay At Closing.

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FREE Professional Photography ($229 Value)

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24/7 Appointment

Flat Fee Paid
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MLS + Paperwork

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You show your home, we manage the paperwork and transaction

25+ years of contract and transaction experience. Once you receive offers, Listed Simply is here to guide you through the process. Ensure a smooth home sale with our essential paperwork for selling a house service

Review Your Offer

• 30 minute to 1 hour offer review with a contract expert.
• Offer terms are reviewed and explained.
• We prepare counter offer documents needed and sent them to you for electronic signature.
• We send counter offers directly to the buyer agents on your behalf.
• Sign acceptance on the offer of your choice and start the transaction.

Dedicated Contract Experts

• Dedicated contract expert that represents you during the transaction.
• All the disclosures and other forms needed in a transaction are provided.
• We help with decision making and provide legal ADVICE.
• After offer acceptance, we become the point of contact in the transaction for you.
• Dedicated expert at your side 7 days a week.

Backed By Listed Simply

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) is a professional liability insurance that protects companies and their clients against claims made by individuals for inadequate work or negligent actions. E&O often covers both court costs and any settlements up to the amount specified by the insurance contract. Without representation, you are personally liable for any claims made against you. Trust us with the paperwork for selling a house.

We got you covered

Nothing Paid Up Front

Besides the up front fee of $79 to list on the MLS, Listed Simply only collects the flat fee commission when the transaction is officially closed. If your transaction falls out or cancels for any reason, you do NOT owe Listed Simply any money.

Same Day Offer review

Our contract experts are available 7 days a week to review your offer(s). Once you receive an offer(s), part of our service is to review them with you, provide feedback, prepare counter offers and get acceptance. Selling made easy: Trust us with the essential paperwork for selling a house, ensuring a seamless transition for your home.


Legal Advice 7 days a week

Listed Simply provides you a dedicated contract expert that acts as your legal counsel and guides you through the transaction. Once your offer is accepted, Listed Simply will become the point of contact in the transaction so you don't have to be. Get peace of mind that you have a professional brokerage on your side 7 days a week.


Sign Agreement

Once you've signed the MLS + Paperwork agreement, our real estate team is on your side as your fiduciary, providing expert advice. Maximize your peace of mind by choosing our service for the essential paperwork needed to sell your house.

Schedule a Call

Within 24-48 hours of signing the service agreement, we'll call you to schedule a consultation and review your listing.  You'll also gain access to our calendar to schedule the call. 

Prepare Your Listing

We'll review comps, help you determine a selling price, schedule photography, and enter your listing into the MLS. After it goes live, we'll run an online ad campaign to increase visibility.

Manage Your Transaction

We help you prepare disclosures, review all incoming offers, draft counter offers, negotiate the terms of the contract and work with the buyers agent and other vendors as your agent until the close. Your also backed by our errors and omissions insurance!


Schedule Your Photo Shoot Online & Get A Photographer To Show Up Within 24-48 Hours!


97% of home listings are viewed online. Homes with professional photos are more likely to sell faster than those without professional photos. The reason for this is because homebuyers decide whether they want to see your home in-person based off the quality of the photos. Buyers move quickly on homes they are interested in to beat the competition.


Studies have shown that homes with professional photos sell for up to $11,000 more than homes without professional photos. Home listings with professional photos draw in more interested buyers at a faster rate.This increases your chances of receiving multiple offers faster and potentially creating a bidding war.


First impressions count. A high quality photo is what will pique a buyer’s interest to take the next step to submit a showing request faster. This will speed up the home selling process and can shorten the number of days your home is on the market.



We use a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) tool to determine an accurate price for your home. We analyze a list of comparable sales, along with data about other houses in your neighborhood currently on the market. This analysis will also include data on nearby houses that failed to sell in the past few months, along with their list prices. Evaluating this data will aid in determining the fair market value of your home.


Setting the list price for your home requires a strategic approach. If you set the price too high, your house won’t be picked for viewing, even though it may be much nicer than others in the area. Most buyers shop by price range. If you price too low, you'll short-change yourself. Your house will sell promptly, yes, but before it has time to find the buyer who would have paid more. Strategic pricing isn’t about getting the most for your home – it’s about getting your home sold quickly at a fair market value.


Your best chance of selling your home is within the first two weeks of marketing. Your home is fresh and exciting to buyers and to their agents. It is imperative that you follow the proper steps to pricing your home appropriately before listing it on the MLS. The market can always change its mind and give your home another chance, but by then you’ve lost precious time and perhaps allowed a stigma to cloud your home’s value.



Since most home searches begin online, you’ll want to capitalize on the opportunity to get your home seen by more potential buyers within the first 14 days of listing. Social media is the best way to let people know your home is for sale. The more buyers you can get your home in front of, the better the chances of getting multiple offers and a higher price.


We run targeted ads based off demographics, interests, behaviors, and location to reach the most relevant buyers for your home. Images and videos of your home marketed on social media give potential buyers a chance to see your home before scheduling a showing. Engaging a buyer’s interest as early as possible is vital to gaining the most qualified offers for your home.


Gaining as much relevant exposure as possible will put your home in front of a larger pool of buyers, increasing your chances of gaining multiple offers. Anytime you receive multiple offers, you create an environment where prospective buyers will offer their highest price to compete with other offers.

Scheduling Showings Made Easy
With A 24/7 call center

Let us know the days and times you are available to show the home and our 24/7 call center will manage the rest

Quickly Schedule & Confirm Showings

Dedicated Call Center To Schedule Showings

Our call center and online schedule tool streamlines the showing process for sellers and agents. Open 24/7 to take calls and schedule showings for you. You take the calls or have agents call the call center.

Reduce Calls With The Showing App

Showing Request Alerts

Get notifications by text and email when an agent schedules to see your home. You will see the date/time of the showing and the agent's info. You can accept, decline or re-schedule showings straight from your phone.

Better Customer Service

More Showings, Less Hassle

This showing tool allows agents and offices to work faster, smarter to get more showings scheduled. If you have a lockbox, our call center can automatically provide the code to the buyer agent for you, making the showing process a breeze.


Nothing Paid Up Front

Listed Simply only collects their flat fee when the transaction is officially closed. If your transaction falls out or cancels or any reason, you do NOT owe Listed Simply any money.


Backed By Listed Simply

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) is a professional liability insurance that protects companies and their clients against claims made by individuals for inadequate work or negligent actions. E&O often covers both court costs and any settlements up to the amount specified by the insurance contract. Without representation, you are personally liable for any claims made against you.


Seller’s Net Sheet Calculator

Find Out The Cost To Use Our Transaction Management Service & Get A Dedicated Contract Expert On Your Side.

Estimated Selling Price:
Buyer Agent Commision:
Loan Payoff:
Flat Fee: 0
After Savings Flat Fee: 0*

*Costs above include savings of 0

* Listed Simply's "after savings" fee to manage the sellers legal escrow documents is calculated by: Listed Simply Commission, minus the escrow and title savings.

* Listed Simply's closing service is optional.

Included With Transaction Management Service
  • Dedicated Contract Expert representing you
  • Offer(s) review
  • Counter offers
  • Timeline and contingency management
  • All disclosures provided
  • Free seller escrow (CA only)
  • Discounted title insurance
  • Transactions back by our errors and omissions insurance
Sub Escrow Fee $0
Owners Title Policy $0
40% Title Owner policy (New Title Cost )* $0 $0
County Transfer Tax TBD
Messenger Fee $0
Seller's Escrow $0
Zero Escrow Fees waived with Listed Simply* $0 $0
HOA Transfer Fee $0 TBD
Home Owners Warranty- To Be Determined $0
Natural Hazard Report- To Be Determined $0
Termite- To Be Determined $0
Listed Simply $0
Buyer Agent Commission Total $0
Transaction Coordination Fee $0
Total Closing Costs $0

Listed Simply Fee To Manage
Your Transaction (after savings*)


Calculated by:
Listed Simply flat fee, minus escrow and title savings


Cost Of Using A Traditional Listing Agent To Manage Your Transaction


Calculated by:
Your purchase price X 2.5% commission

Your Savings


Your Savings


See How Much You'll Save Compared To Using A
Traditional Agent To Manage Your Transaction

Our Service
Traditional Agent ( 2.5% )

You save

Your Home

Recently Sold Using Transaction Management Service

Summary of Service

The basic agreement with Listed Simply is to enter your listing in the MLS. Before Listed Simply can review offer(s), provide legal advice, and act as your legal counsel, you need to sign a short agreement confirming Listed Simply will represent you like a traditional agent, but for a fraction of the cost.


Here Are A Few Questions We Get

We Have Great Answers

The traditional agent model charges you a commission to list your home. Listed Simply charges a one-time flat fee of $149 to list your home on the MLS.  We empower you, the home owner to become the listing agent by taking calls and scheduling showings.  We offer other professional services such as professional photography, marketing services and legal contract services to help you sell. Let us handle the paperwork details, ensuring a successful and stress-free transaction. Additional services are optional.

Yes, but not a traditional listing agreement.  To get listed on the MLS, you have to sign an MLS Only Agreement which is an “open listing” so you are still for sale by owner, we do not represent you!  You pay a one-time fee of $149 and can cancel anytime without fees or penalties from Listed Simply.

Escrow acts as the middle man between the seller and the buyer. They do not represent either party, and cannot guide the buyer or seller since they are a third party. Escrow makes sure the terms of the contract are met. Click HERE to learn more about the escrow process.

Listed Simply does not offer the legal seller disclosures since these disclosures are updated often.  If you choose to use our MLS + Paperwork or Transaction Management service, we manage your disclosures, legal documents and the seller side of the transaction for a flat fee.  

Click HERE to learn more about how we professionally manage the seller side of the transaction.  

To be on the MLS, most MLS’s require you offer a minimum of 1% to a buyer’s agent.   The commission offered to a buyer’s agent is negotiable, although most listings offer between 2-3%.  Listed Simply saves you thousands on the listing side by charging a flat fee to get on the MLS instead of a percentage commission. 

Listed Simply can have your home on the market within 48 hours as long as we have your listing agreement and payment.  Professional photography and lockboxes are completed within 48-72 hours (if you choose those services).  We work fast when you need us too. 

Listed Simply has an offer portal where agents submit offers!   Once an offer is submitted, you will be notified in real time by text and email.

 If you use our Transaction Management Service, we’ll review offers and highlight the terms for you.  You’ll get a summary of each offer so you can understand the pro’s and con’s of each offer.   Once you’re ready to accept, we can gather all necessary documents and open escrow.  Click HERE to learn more about how we professionally manage the seller side of the transaction.  

We use technology and automation to reduce the costs associated with listing your property on the MLS.

We offer optional services that help you review offers, send counter offers, and manage the seller side of the transaction when the time comes.


Real Reviews From Real Customers

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Hear from others who rave about our transaction management service

Read reviews from real customers

Lisa Paddila
Lisa Paddila
2 months ago
Read More
It’s all in the name folks! Listed Simply is awesome and the Padilla’s highly recommend! We used the MLS listing only and had an offer a week later and then closed a little over 30 days later. Simple way to list and save thousands! Go for it!!!
North American
North American
6 months ago
Read More
Listed Simply is the Best Service of it's Type and there is No Comparison. You can Easily build your own listing for your local MLS using their website, You can edit Your Listing's description and pictures yourself any time, as often as you want and if You're in a hurry they have a $10 1 hour Update to get your latest pictures up in an hour. I don't know of any other brokerage that can do this. Also your listing will appear on every other real estate website!...
Premium Wheels
Premium Wheels
6 months ago
Read More
I can’t say enough great things about Simply Listed and especially of Sinan Zaharia. Extremely responsive and everything went perfect throughout escrow to closing. Sinan was simply fantastic and I’ll be using their services in the future as needed. THANK YOU for an incredible experience.
Mike & Savannah Madden
Mike & Savannah Madden
3 months ago
Read More
Fantastic experience! I do recommend, and will use again!
Will Cantrell
Will Cantrell
A year ago
Read More
Worked out well. There were a couple hang ups with the automated process, but a person was always quick to take care of the issue. Will use them again in the future. Got way over comps and saved over 18,000 in commission.
Christina Sullivan
Christina Sullivan
5 months ago
Read More
I just sold on my mom and my home today -hooray! I can't tell you how thrilled I am with Listed Simply services (MLS listing + Transaction Management service)! I was initially hesitant around the transaction management services and started with the listing only, but Sinan and I talked several times on the phone about the areas where I needed help and how the process worked to give me complete confidence in moving forward....
Keith Hoesly
Keith Hoesly
7 months ago
Read More
I used Listed Simply to get MLS listing after putting my home for sale on Zillow. Accepted an offer on my home 4 days after using Listed Simply. Service representative kept me informed about updating MLS during the sales process. Saved myself over $20,000 in realtors commissions. Great Experience! More people need to use Listed Simply!
a year ago
Read More
Selling my house was easy with Listed Simply! It’s a great way to get your home on the MLS without hiring a realtor. I did not use their optional service to represent me but I’m sure it’s worth it if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself. Fast response times for any questions you may have.
Monalisa Phelps
Monalisa Phelps
a year ago
Read More
I had a great experience with listed simply. The manager, Elaine, was great and she always had my back about everything and made me feel secure. The realtor, Zack, was also fabulous. Always had given me great information and procedures and was attentive and happy to help me. Every time I called the company, if my realtors were...
a year ago
Read More
My home sale went smooth and I was very happy with the whole Experience of working with an online company. They kept me informed daily or as needed, and was so helpful and everything All questions I had they answered transaction went very smooth.
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