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Refunds and Cancellations

Listed Simply will issue full refunds for MLS Only listings that have not been listed on the MLS. Once a property is listed on the MLS, there are no refunds. Photography shoots can be cancelled in full as long as the cancellation request is submitted 48 hours before the photo shoot. Once a photo shoot has taken place, there are no refunds. Refer to our vendor for more information.

MLS + Paperwork Policy

Listed Simply will pay for the photography shoot upfront on behalf of the seller/principal ($199 value). Principal agrees to keep their listing “active” on the MLS with Listed Simply for at least 90 days. If principal terminates/cancels their listing within 90 days, principal agrees to pay Listed Simply $199 for the photos. Principal authorizes Listed Simply to charge $199 for the photos at which time principal will have full ownership rights of the photos.

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