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Here Are A Few Questions We Get

We Have Great Answers

The traditional agent model charges you a commission to list your home. Listed Simply charges a one-time flat fee of $59 to list your home on the MLS.  We empower you, the home owner to become the listing agent by taking calls and scheduling showings.  We offer other professional services such as professional photography, marketing services and legal contract services to help you sell.  Additional services are optional.

Yes, but not a traditional listing agreement.  To get listed on the MLS, you have to sign an MLS Only Agreement which is an “open listing” so you are still for sale by owner, we do not represent you!  You pay a one-time fee of $59 and can cancel anytime without fees or penalties. 

Escrow acts as the middle man between the seller and the buyer. They do not represent either party, and cannot guide the buyer or seller since they are a third party. Escrow makes sure the terms of the contract are met.   Click here to learn more about the escrow process. 

Listed Simply does not offer the legal seller disclosures since these disclosures are updated often.  If you choose to use our closing service to manage your escrow, we manage your disclosures and other legal documents for a flat fee.  

Click here to learn more about how we professionally manage the seller side of the transaction.  

The standard commission offered to a buyer’s agent is 2.5% which is paid by the seller.  Listed Simply saves you thousands on the listing side by charging a flat fee instead of a 2.5%-3% commission. To be on the MLS, you must off a minimum of 1% to a buyer’s agent. 

Listed Simply can have your home on the market within 24-48 hours!   Professional photography and lockboxes are completed within 48-72 hours (if you choose those services).  We work fast when you need us too. 

Listed Simply has an offer portal where agents submit offers!   Once an offer is submitted, you will be automatically notified and the offer will be emailed to you. 

 Our closing team will review offers and highlight the terms for you.  You’ll get a summary of each offer so you can understand the pro’s and con’s of each offer.   Once you’re ready to accept, we can gather all necessary documents and open escrow.  Click here to learn more about how we professionally manage the seller side of the transaction.  

There is not catch! We use technology and automation to reduce the costs associated with listing your property on the MLS.

We offer “optional” services that help you review offers and send counter offers, when the time comes.

Real Data, Real Results

What People Are Saying About Us!

  • I was looking for a flat fee listing agent, and was referred to Listed Simply. They listed my home, provided professional photographs, installed a lawn sign and lock box, monitored showings by agents, kept me apprised whenever someone was scheduled... read more

    Margaret Decker Avatar
    Margaret Decker

    I was very impressed by his professionalism from day one. The listing was smooth and we sold the property fast. He was with us during the escrow process at each step. He was up to date with all the... read more

    longcircuit Avatar
  • We were able to sell our home ourselves with the help of Simply Listed. They were able to get us listed in the MLS Listings and all the other Real-estate website sites too. They were easy to work... read more

    Robert Johnson Avatar
    Robert Johnson

    Listed Simply was absolutely awesome to work with coordinating the sale of our house. Benny was the best. He was so helpful, knowledgeable and kept in constant communication with us during the sale of our home! They handled all contingencies... read more

    hdevisser85 Avatar
  • Very professional Very responsive. Ended up spending $2500 but still a LOT cheaper than a regular broker! Some brokers will not deal with for sale by owners so that’s where Listed Simply comes in.

    prgurney Avatar

    My experience with Listed Simply was superb. Anyone reading this and is planning on doing a FSBO: please read the following which explains why you too should use their service.
    1) Sinan and his assistant, Elaine are experts...
    read more

    Edward Seaman Avatar
    Edward Seaman
  • Listed Simply offers an inexpensive and easy way to list your FSBO property on the MLS. Their online chat was extremely responsive and they answered all of my questions within minutes. I would highly recommend this service!

    Ashley kenner Avatar
    Ashley kenner

    Mary is one of the most professional people I've ever met. She did a great job in helping me. Glad I found you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You all did a great job and you all know how to... read more

    Toyota Fan Avatar
    Toyota Fan
  • My husband and I are so happy that we found Sinan at,Listed Simply.
    Not only did we save thousands of dollars in commissions,but we also got top notch service! Anytime I had a concern or question,Sinan always picked up...
    read more

    debnden1977 Avatar

    Nothing like hitting submit on your listing after inputting a bunch of data on the "property is closed form" and being routed to a page to leave a google review instead of a confirmation that your data was actually saved.... read more

    Kirk Young Avatar
    Kirk Young
  • The guys at listed simply were great with my transaction. Much appreciated the expertise in our market, their availability via text, email or phone made a normally stressful situation sooo much easier. I would recommend them to anyone.

    ChrisRitchie9 Avatar

    Best decision when selling my house was to use listed simply. The guys at listed simply were very helpful and professional.They always replied to email swiftly. I’d use listed simply again the next time I sell a home.Highly recommended!

    sandy tian6 Avatar
    sandy tian6
  • My home sale went smooth and I was very happy with the whole Experience of working with an online company. They kept me informed daily or as needed, and was so helpful and everything All questions I had they... read more

    debigregg1 Avatar

    Sinan is an excellent agent who gave me the results I wanted! I initially went with another agent to sell my house and ended up cancelling my listing with him due to unsatisfactory results. However, Sinan dove in and got... read more

    Edith Phillips Avatar
    Edith Phillips
  • I would highly recommend Listed Simply. Sinan answered my questions and concerns on a timely manner. The photographer took fantastic pictures. The appointment center scheduled all the showings and was notified by Email, text, and phone. Very smooth transactions. It... read more

    lorilgo Avatar

    Best decision when selling my house was to use Listed Simply. They helped me price my house for a quick sale, and any and every time I call Sinan, he answered or call me right back. If I had... read more

    suechavez5 Avatar
  • Due to personal matters I was unable to sell my house but sinnan was very helpful, respectful and professional. If I ever do decide to sell my house, my business is going to listed simply! Thank you!

    carlosvillalta531 Avatar

    Mary is one of the most professional people I've ever met. She did a great job in helping me. Glad I found you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You all did a great job and you all know how to... read more

    Jennifer Dinh Avatar
    Jennifer Dinh
  • Great experience. The team was responsive, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. If I have to sell my home again, they will be my “go to” selling agent.

    jason m nunes75 Avatar
    jason m nunes75

    This is much better than using an agent. They post your house on all the major listing websites and provide good service if you need help using their dashboard. All for just $59! I will use them... read more

    R. Hiram Houck Avatar
    R. Hiram Houck
  • All around a great experience. Thank you Listed Simply for all of your help and information in selling my home. Would recommend using this company to anyone and I will be using them again!!

    Jason Menser Avatar
    Jason Menser

    This was the first time we have ever sold a home and we decided to try to sell by owner. Simply Listed was super helpful to get us listed on the MLS so that buyer's agents could know we... read more

    lph 1611 Avatar
    lph 1611
  • It seemed too good to be true, get on the MLS for a very low flat fee. It works and Listed Simply was awesome. I could make changes to the listing and change/add pictures at no extra cost. Listed Simply... read more

    tcloherty4 Avatar

    Listed Simply was fabulous in helping us with the sale of our first home. Benny was the best and kept in constant communication with us! He was knowledgeable and helped us with negotiations, counter offers and contingencies. We were able... read more

    Heidi De Visser Avatar
    Heidi De Visser
  • Couldn't have sold the home without Listed Simply! Highly recommend their service! Professional, timely, responsive, supportive, experienced, available... I couldn't be happier.

    Roger Brownell Avatar
    Roger Brownell

    Unbelievable service! They truly make it a eazy process and take all the worry away. I wouldn't hesitate to use there services again.

    Chad Spates Avatar
    Chad Spates
  • The agent put my house on the MLS and other websites which attracted a lot of interested buyers. They also assisted me on the transaction process until the close of escrow. I am satisfied with Listed Simply.

    peterchou888 Avatar

    Sinan is an excellent agent who gave me the results I wanted! I initially went with another agent to sell my house and ended up cancelling my listing with him due to unsatisfactory results. However, Sinan dove in and got... read more

    user3879348 Avatar
  • sold my house, saved about 3000 on sellers agent.. but, since we dont have access to realtors forms to communicate with buyers agent, we have to pay simply listed $2500 for help plus 400 for their agent... still, saved 3k,

    zoey b Avatar
    zoey b

    This is my 1st time using the service by Listed Simply. Very affordable for an investor. Extream exposure when marketing and the document service they provide is top notch, simple and they are on there game! I would encourage any... read more

    Jerry Kelly Avatar
    Jerry Kelly

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