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Submit a Video testimonial & Get $150 Off your transaction management fee!

Reviews and feedback are paramount for a company like ours. As we continue to grow as a business, we aim to keep our customers a top priority. 

You have recently had your offer reviewed with our Transaction Management Department and we would love your feedback.  We’re expanding our footprint to other states and could use your testimonial.  Just record a 20 second or more video sharing your experience when reviewing your offer(s) using Listed Simply and upload it to us.

Once your video is submitted, we will reduce our Transaction Management Service fee by $150. 😎

Testimonials need to be submitted within 72 hours of receipt of an email or text asking for a video testimonial. 

How It Works

1. Use your camera phone in “Horizontal Mode,” not “Vertical Mode.” See below.

2. Record a video of 20 seconds or more sharing your experience while reviewing your offer with our Transaction Management Department. Please make sure the camera is steady and not shaky, so we can see you well. 😃

3. Click the button below to upload your video and sign our video release form. After we receive your video and signed release, we notify our accounting department to reduce your Transaction Management Fee by $150 😎

Please submit your testimonial within 72 hours of receiving an email or text asking you for a video testimonial. 

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