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Get our expert guidance for our transaction management service & get Dedicated Contract Experts + more.

All The Benefits, One Low Flat Rate.
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Why Choose MLS + Guidance?
What's included with MLS + Guidance?

Free Listing

30 Minute Listing Review With A Broker To Help You Sell Faster & For More

Free Professional Photography

Dedicated Agent Hotline Available 7 Days A Week To Offer Legal Advice

Call Center That Can Help You Schedule Showings

You show your home, we manage the paperwork and transaction

25+ years of contract and transaction experience. Once you receive offers, Listed Simply is here to guide you through the process.

Review Your Offer

• 30 minute to 1 hour offer review with a contract expert.
• Offer terms are reviewed and explained.
• We prepare counter offer documents needed and sent them to you for electronic signature.
• We send counter offers directly to the buyer agents on your behalf.
• Sign acceptance on the offer of your choice and start the transaction.

Dedicated Contract Experts

• Dedicated contract expert that represents you during the transaction.
• All the disclosures and other forms needed in a transaction are provided.
• We Help make decisions and provide legal advise.
• After offer acceptance, we become the point of contact in the transaction for you.
• Peace of mind that you have a professional on your side 7 days a week.

Backed By Listed Simply

Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O) is a professional liability insurance that protects companies and their clients against claims made by individuals for inadequate work or negligent actions.
E&O often covers both court costs and any settlements up to the amount specified by the insurance contract.  Without representation, you are personally liable for any claims made against you.

We got you covered

Nothing Paid Up Front

Listed Simply only collects their flat fee when the transaction is officially closed. If your transaction falls out or cancels for any reason, you do NOT owe Listed Simply any money.

Same Day Offer review

Our contract experts are available 7 days a week to review your offer(s). Once you receive an offer(s), part of our service is to review them with you, provide feedback, prepare counter offers and get acceptance.

Legal Advice 7 days a week

Listed Simply provides you a dedicated contract expert that acts as your fiduciary and guides you through the transaction. We're here from the day you list until the day you close. Get peace of mind that you have a professional brokerage on your side 7 days a week.

Seller’s Net Sheet Calculator

Find Out The Cost To Use Our Transaction Management Service & Get A Dedicated Contract Expert On Your Side.

Estimated Selling Price:
Buyer Agent Commision:
Loan Payoff:
Flat Fee: 0
After Savings Flat Fee: 0*

*Costs above include savings of 0

* Listed Simply's "after savings" fee to manage the sellers legal escrow documents is calculated by: Listed Simply Commission, minus the escrow and title savings.

* Listed Simply's closing service is optional.

Included With Transaction Management Service
  • Dedicated Contract Expert representing you
  • Offer(s) review
  • Counter offers
  • Timeline and contingency management
  • All disclosures provided
  • Free seller escrow (CA only)
  • Discounted title insurance
  • Transactions back by our errors and omissions insurance
Sub Escrow Fee $0
Owners Title Policy $0
40% Title Owner policy (New Title Cost )* $0 $0
County Transfer Tax TBD
Messenger Fee $0
Seller's Escrow $0
Zero Escrow Fees waived with Listed Simply* $0 $0
HOA Transfer Fee $0 TBD
Home Owners Warranty- To Be Determined $0
Natural Hazard Report- To Be Determined $0
Termite- To Be Determined $0
Listed Simply $0
Buyer Agent Commission Total $0
Transaction Coordination Fee $0
Total Closing Costs $0

Listed Simply Fee To Manage
Your Transaction (after savings*)


Calculated by:
Listed Simply flat fee, minus escrow and title savings


Cost Of Using A Traditional Listing Agent To Manage Your Transaction


Calculated by:
Your purchase price X 2.5% commission

Your Savings


Your Savings


See How Much You'll Save Compared To Using A
Traditional Agent To Manage Your Transaction

Our Service
Traditional Agent ( 2.5% )

You save

Your Home

Summary of Service

The basic agreement with Listed Simply is to enter your listing in the MLS. Before Listed Simply can review offer(s), provide legal advice, and act as your legal counsel, you need to sign a short agreement confirming Listed Simply will represent you like a traditional agent, but for a fraction of the cost.

  1. Free Professional Photography
  2. Free MLS listing
  3. Agent hotline available 7 days a week
  4. Dedicated Contract Expert representing you
  5. Timeline and contingency management
  6. Offer review for each offer received
  7. Counter offers put together by us
  8. All disclosures provided
  9. Free escrow (only buyer pays escrow fee)
  10. Discounted title insurance
  11. Transactions backed by our Errors and Omissions Insurance

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