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Save Thousands When
Listed Simply Manages Your Escrow

$0 Escrow Fees.
40% Off Title Fees.
Backed By Insurance.

A Better Way To Close

We use the most seasoned contract experts in the country to help our clients get their home closed.

Our professional closing department has over 25 years of contract experience to protect you.

Your transaction is backed by our errors and omissions insurance. Our compliance process reduces liability and protects you during escrow.  Digitally sign all documents for better record keeping and time stamping.

We handle the escrow on your behalf.  We manage the buyer agent, work with the buyer’s lender, communicate directly with appraisers, title officers, escrow officers and many more to ensure a successful close.

Our Team of closing coordinators and transaction coordinators have successfully closed over 200 escrows in the past year. With two professionals managing each file, that means two set’s of eyes and a better experience.

Seller’s Net Sheet Calculator

Find Out The Cost To Use Our Transaction Management Service & Get A Dedicated Contract Expert On Your Side.

Estimated Selling Price:
Buyer Agent Commision:
Loan Payoff:
Flat Fee: 0
After Savings Flat Fee: 0*

*Costs above include savings of 0

* Listed Simply's "after savings" fee to manage the sellers legal escrow documents is calculated by: Listed Simply Commission, minus the escrow and title savings.

* Listed Simply's closing service is optional.

Included With Transaction Management Service
  • Dedicated Contract Expert representing you
  • Offer(s) review
  • Counter offers
  • Timeline and contingency management
  • All disclosures provided
  • Free seller escrow (CA only)
  • Discounted title insurance
  • Transactions back by our errors and omissions insurance
Sub Escrow Fee$0
Owners Title Policy$0
40% Title Owner policy (New Title Cost )*$0$0
County Transfer TaxTBD
Messenger Fee$0
Seller's Escrow$0
Zero Escrow Fees waived with Listed Simply*$0$0
HOA Transfer Fee$0TBD
Home Owners Warranty- To Be Determined$0
Natural Hazard Report- To Be Determined$0
Termite- To Be Determined$0
Listed Simply$0
Buyer Agent Commission Total$0
Transaction Coordination Fee$0
Total Closing Costs$0

Listed Simply Savings

Savings shown are only available if Listed Simply is representing you, the seller for a flat fee. We have negotiated these discounts for all our clients with the escrow and title companies.

Escrow Savings

Listed Simply has negotiated FREE escrow for all sellers using our Transaction Management Service. You will see in the Net Sellers Sheet that the escrow fee is waived, saving you thousands of dollars in transaction fees.

Title Savings

Listed Simply has negotiated discounted title services for sellers they represent. When using Listed Simply to manage your transaction, you will be eligible for up to 40% off your sellers title insurance. In order to receive this title discount, seller must use one of Listed Simply’s preferred title vendors. Check the Net Sellers Sheet section to see a breakdown of your costs when selling.

Listed Simply Fee To Manage
Your Transaction (after savings*)


Calculated by:
Listed Simply flat fee, minus escrow and title savings


Cost Of Using A Traditional Listing Agent To Manage Your Transaction


Calculated by:
Your purchase price X 2.5% commission

Your Savings


Your Savings


See How Much You'll Save Compared To Using A
Traditional Agent To Manage Your Transaction

Our Service
Traditional Agent ( 2.5% )

You save

Your Home

How Does It Work?

Accepting An Offer

Our closing department will review offers for you, handle counter offers, accepting offer and kick start the escrow process.

Working With Vendors

We stay in contact with all parties of the transaction on your behalf- Buyers agent, home inspectors, appraisers, lenders, escrow, title and many more...

Managing Contingencies

We'll monitor and manage the home inspection process, work with the appraiser and make sure all contingencies get lifted on time to get you to the finish line.

Does Escrow Manage The Seller Paperwork?

The Simple Answer is No.

Escrow is a Neutral 3rd Party

Escrow is a neutral 3rd party that collects paperwork from both buyer and seller. They do not advise either party during the escrow process.

Contingency Removals

Seller is responsible for working with the buyer to get all contingencies removed. This includes investigations, appraisal and loan contingencies. Once obtained, seller provides them to the escrow officer.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

Escrow does not hold a Realtor license to represent you, they are the 3rd party. When working with an agent/company, your transaction is backed by errors and omissions insurance.

How Much Will You Get Back?​

Appraisal Management

Direct Communication

Our agents work directly with appraisers on your behalf. We provide comps and valuable market data to get your home to appraise at the market value.

Right To Appeal

If an appraisal comes in below what we believe is market value, we can appeal the appraisers decision. This gives us a few more days to provide more facts to bring the appraisal to market value.

Team Effort

During the appraisal process, there are over five people involved. Listed Simply keeps in contact with everyone on your behalf.

Second Set of Eyes

Once in escrow, we bring on a transaction coordinator (TC) in addition to your agent to help manage your documents. Two eyes are better then one. After all, we're dealing with legal contracts and large transactions.

Reduce Your Liability

Utilizing the services of a TC who are contract experts, further protects you from potential lawsuits. We work on hundreds of files each year, so we know a thing or two on how to protect our clients.


Our experienced TC's will make sure all disclosures are filled out correctly, all signatures are in place, compliance is adhered to and the right contracts are used depending on the situation.

Risk Management

Risk Management

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