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Thinking About Buying A Home? Get Money Back With Our Buyers 1% Rebate Program​

Here's How It Works

Our agents work in your area and will give you a 1% credit when you close escrow. Use the credit towards your closing costs.

Buyers do not pay commissions to buyer’s agents, buyer agents are free of cost as the seller pays the commission.

How Much Will You Get Back?​

Get $4,000 back ($400,000 * 1%)

Get $5,000 back ($500,000 * 1%)

Get $7,000 back ($700,000 * 1%)

How We Help!​

Our experienced team of agents will show you homes and submit offers on your behalf, negotiate the contract terms and most importantly; work with the listing agent to get your offer accepted.

Once in escrow, you can count on us to provide a home inspector, work with your lender, escrow and negotiate repairs when the time comes.  

At the close of escrow, Listed Simply will credit you 1% credit towards your closing costs.  This is as good as cash as your closing costs are paid in addition to your down payment. 


  • Search homes for sale
  • Preview homes
  • Make an offer
  • Close escrow
  • Get a 1% credit and save
Get 1% Back

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