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The MLS has an online scheduling tool on the MLS where agents can schedule a showing online.  As the seller, you get notifications by text and email when an agent schedules to see your home. You will see the date/time of the showing and the agent’s info. You can accept, decline or re-schedule showings straight from your phone.
We will create you an account so you can receive and respond to online showing requests. 


Sell your home faster with high quality photos. Photographers show up within 24-48 hours of

FREE Preliminary
Title Report

The preliminary report lists, in advance of purchase, title defects, liens and encumbrances. This should be ordered as soon as possible to resolve any issues early on.  Get in touch with a title rep by selecting your state below.  Title reps will be in touch within 24 hours.

Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD)

This document is required in the state of California in order to inform buyers when they are considering a home that might be in a designated hazard area, such as: Risk of wildfires, floods or earthquakes. Includes Environmental report. Order yours now to save time when selling your home!

Need an Escrow Company?

We source top escrow companies so you don’t have to.  Get in touch with an escrow company for an open house kit, net sellers sheet and much more!  

Professional Property Description

Expert Writing Services To Elevate Your Property Listing And Attract More Buyers

A well-written property description can help your listing stand out and create a great first impression on potential buyers. By using a professional writing service, you can ensure that your property is presented in the best possible light and is described in an engaging and informative way. 

Pricing strategy &
listing review

Your best chance of selling your home is within the first two weeks of listing. Schedule a Pricing Strategy & Listing Review with a licensed broker to price your home appropriately so you can sell your home quicker.

Advertising Campaign $179

We help you spread the word and get your listing more views to help you sell faster and for more money.

Transaction Management Service
Starting at $2,500

Once you receive offers, Listed Simply is here to handle the transaction on your behalf. With 25+ years of contract and transaction experience, you are in good hands.

MLS + Paperwork

Upgrade within 21 days of signing up and receive FREE professional photography, 1 hour listing review with a broker, and a social media campaign advertising your listing.

Optional Paperwork Management Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Our offer of a complimentary professional photography service, description writing service, listing review, and social media campaign for your listing is available exclusively to those who upgrade to MLS + Paperwork within 21 days of sign-up. Our data indicates that taking over the listing within this timeframe gives us the best chance of selling your property.

You can upgrade to our Transaction Management Service anytime and we’ll manage your seller side of the transaction.  

No!  An escrow company is a neutral third-party entity that acts as a holder and manager of funds and documents related to the transaction. The role of an escrow company is to ensure that the terms and conditions of the purchase and sale agreement are met by both parties before the transaction is completed.

The escrow company does not represent either the buyer or the seller and is not responsible for giving advice or making decisions on their behalf. Instead, the escrow company’s responsibility is to facilitate the transfer of ownership and ensure that all legal and financial obligations are met by both parties.

A title company does not represent any single party exclusively. There’s an agent and/or attorney that represents the buyer and there’s an agent and/or attorney that represents the seller. A title company works for everyone involved in the transaction acting as a neutral third party. They work for the contract. They ensure all aspects of the sale are being complied with. Think of them more as a “referee” during the transaction. A title company does not favor one party or another the way an agent and/or attorney would, by looking out for their client’s best interest.

See How Much You'll Save Compared To Using A
Traditional Agent To Manage Your Transaction

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Traditional Agent ( 2.5% )

You save

Your Home

Seller’s Net Sheet Calculator

Find Out The Cost To Use Our Transaction Management Service & Get A Dedicated Contract Expert On Your Side.

Estimated Selling Price:
Buyer Agent Commision:
Loan Payoff:
Flat Fee: 0
After Savings Flat Fee: 0*

*Costs above include savings of 0

* Listed Simply's "after savings" fee to manage the sellers legal escrow documents is calculated by: Listed Simply Commission, minus the escrow and title savings.

* Listed Simply's closing service is optional.

Included With Transaction Management Service
  • Dedicated Contract Expert representing you
  • Offer(s) review
  • Counter offers
  • Timeline and contingency management
  • All disclosures provided
  • Free seller escrow (CA only)
  • Discounted title insurance
  • Transactions back by our errors and omissions insurance
Sub Escrow Fee $0
Owners Title Policy $0
40% Title Owner policy (New Title Cost )* $0 $0
County Transfer Tax TBD
Messenger Fee $0
Seller's Escrow $0
Zero Escrow Fees waived with Listed Simply* $0 $0
HOA Transfer Fee $0 TBD
Home Owners Warranty- To Be Determined $0
Natural Hazard Report- To Be Determined $0
Termite- To Be Determined $0
Listed Simply $0
Buyer Agent Commission Total $0
Transaction Coordination Fee $0
Total Closing Costs $0